Cask and Ale

Before you ask, that is cheesy grits, hangar steak, and BOURBON CANDIED BACON. That’s right, you heard me. Bourbon. Candied. Bacon.


I’m not even a huge pork person myself, I think it’s generally a tad overpowering in dishes, but damn. This was just the most melt in your mouth heavenly porky bite I’ve ever taken.I don’t want to make you jealous but.. I’ll understand if you are, friend.


Before I get ahead of myself, this was brunch at Cask and Ale on South Howard here in Tampa. They only recently opened up, in the old Sunova Beach venue, completely redone. You can’t even smell the stale beer and regrets anymore. Super creative and fresh American bistro menu, unlike anything else going on in Tampa.Β  Go for brunch, go for lunch, it’s all delicious.

Something unique, they started us off with complementary popcorn with a flavor of the day, pumpkin spice. I know, Pumpkin Spice! But it was anything other than basic. I’ve never owned Uggs and don’t know what constitutes a frappuccino so you can trust me. Truly delicious, and if for nothing else, go for the bacon!