Thrillist Hall of Heroes

This weekend Thrillist NYC hosted the Hall of Heroes, their gluttonous annual ode to sandwiches. On Sunday afternoon 11 different local restaurants came in to provide their best adaptations of the world’s most iconic sandwiches, and were voted upon for the title of Best Thing Between Sliced Bread. There were simply too many to be named, so here are my favorites, for your viewing pleasure.


Deep Eddy Vodka

Of course, you need something to wash down all that bread with, right? Fear not, because the endless cocktails and beer were aflowin’. Deep Eddy Vodka was out pimping their new grapefruit and ginger flavors and Radeberger and Schöfferhofer proveded some citrusy grapefruit concoctions of their own. The ginger and cranberry mix was legit, bubbly and tangy, something I’ll definitely attempt to replicate at home.



Who doesn’t love an all American Philly cheese steak? Chipped beef steak and molten cheesy gold, hard to go wrong. Nothing special about this classic other than the non-traditional jalapeno topping that added a welcome kick to a fairly bland sandwich.  Still, I wouldn’t throw it out of bed, if you know what I mean.


Sticky’s Finger Joint

I have a real weakness for pickled cabbage that Sticky’s did a marvelous job of monopolizing on in their spicy chicken sandwich. Their twice fried chicken was fantastically crunchy with a well spiced batter and topped with a creamy secret sauce I simply must unearth the recipe to. They got my vote and token, although sadly, did not win. You’ll get ’em next year, you’re still champions in my heart (and stomach)!


Luke’s Lobster

Given the name of this joint, I was expecting a lobster roll, but maybe that was just my own bougie expectations talking. Since Luke’s had both crab and shrimp I can’t exactly complain, right? Both were marinated in condensed butter an dusted with a mild Cajun seasoning and were positively unctuous, although the shrimp (surprisingly enough) was my favorite. I even went back and snuck seconds while they were closing up, it was just that good.


The Best Thing Between Sliced Bread goes to…

American Cut’s meaty Reuben sandwich. I think the odds were stacked in their favor from the beginning given a New Yorker’s proclivity for the Reuben, but the people chose their champion. Not my thing, a big mouthful of meat, but I hear a lot of other girls would disagree so… to each their own. Congrats, guys.

An Honorable mention….

to The Jam Stand for their Bourbon PB&J brown bag specials that included a cinnamon bourbon milk concoction that was definitely more bourbon than anything else. Way to try to bribe your audience, I dare say it almost worked.

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